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France, officially named French Republic, covers 643,801 square kilometres. It is a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic. It has a total population of almost 67 million people, of which 65% are Christians, non believer/Agnostic account for 25%, and Muslim 8%, and Jews 1%.
The currency is Euro, worth 7,46 Danish Krone. The GDP is $2.4 trillion.

The west of France has strictly oceanic climate, while the Mediterranean and the lower Rhône valley experience a Mediterranean climate and the mountains are alpine.
 France's flora ranges from small grasses and wildflowers in the mountainous alpine regions, to the fir, spruce and mountain pine trees in the coniferous forests, and the oak, beech and chestnut trees of the lower-elevation deciduous forests. Smaller plants and flowers, like gorse, heather, broom and bracken, dot the meadows and grazing fields.

Among the mammals are roe deer and red deer, along with the rarer fallow deer. Wild boars also live in French forest land. Many smaller mammals, including hares, foxes, marmots, badgers and beavers, are common in wilder places, and even larger predators, like brown bears and lynx exist in very small, endangered populations in France. Some reptilians are found here, like the asp viper and common adder, as well as lesser-known species like the southern smooth snake, ladder snake and western whip snake.

Well, despite I have the plan, I have not found the time yet....

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