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The Commonwealth of Dominica covers an area of 750 km2, with the highest point being Morne Diablotins, at 1.447 metres. The population is around 80.000 of which 86.6% are Black, 9.1% Multiracial, 2.9% Island Caribs and 1.3% European or other. 95% are Christians.
It was colonised by Europeans, predominantly by the French from the 1690s to 1763.  Great Britain took possession in 1763 and the island republic gained independence in 1978. Due to the hostile original inhabitants;  Kalinago, and the geography with mountains, quite some nature have been preserved on  this Caribbean island.

The island has lush mountainous rainforests, and it is the home of many rare plants, animals, and bird species. The Sisserou parrot; Amazona imperialis is only found on Dominica, is the island's national bird and featured on the national flag. Here are at least four amphibians, 18 reptilians, 200 birds and among the mammals are agouti and opossum and there are large numbers of elusive wild pigs, which I suspect are invasive, unlike the twelve species of bats. The sea around the island is teaming with life as well.

22/2 2019. After a short flight from Haiti, I reach Santa Domingo after dark. I have pre-booked and -paid a car at Sixt, but it turns out they have no representation in the airport I arrival in. A limo brings me the 35 kilometres down-town to their office, which at least is open.
It seems like they did not expect me, despite their address is listed as pick-up location. I have to wait quit some time before I get up-grated quite some, to an almost new and big car, which only misses the number plates and a tail light. Somehow, the US$134 was not sufficient, I have to pay 550 more in tax and insurance.

It have taken quite some time to get the car, and now I have to drive the 35 kilometres back through the busy town centre, and then some, to find my hotel. Compared with Haiti, this look like USA - until the GPS take a shortcut under the highway. Then it look like Bangkok 30 years ago.

 I have a GPS point from the hostel, an address and a spot on a map. Neither is the right place, but a local recognises the photo of the house, and show me the way.
There is none home, despite I'm only 20 minutes late. I talk with some of the locals, and some try the number I have tried. It turns out to be disconnected.

I find a nearby Villa Capri, and get an apartment for US$70 negotiated down to 44 with tips. I saw some restaurants around the corner, and the first is Burger King, serving a bacon salad without bacon. Then it is back to write a few of the impressions of the day.

Photos   Map & Plan   Diary 1  2