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            When I can't get to the world, the world have to get to me!
For many years, I have escaped the Danish winter, exploring exiting countries around the world. The winter 2020-21 turned out different due to the Covid-19.
Then I came up with a different approach: Stuff things, plants and animals from around the world into a little 4,3 L bowl.

I ended up with a bowl from England, a thermometer from Germany and the LED light are from China. The plants are attached to the branch with Indian sowing thread.
The interior is made up of some red granite gravel from Poland and larger black granite pebble from Bornholm. A branch of a Dutch linden-wood make up the background, while the dead leaves on the button is from a Swedish birch.
The few animals are a Mozambique Spotted Nerite (snail), a Zebra Nerite from South Africa, a Blue Diamond and a Red Cherry shrimp from Taiwan (bread a lot), and two Ender's guppies from Venezuela (quite natural).
The plants are Java-moss from Indonesia, an Anubias from Cameron, another plant from Brazil and the water hyssop is from Australia.

So far, 16 countries have contributed - and I still need a lid.


Poecilia wingei
, Ender's Guppy, Venezuela. More.

Neocaridina davidi dom, 1 Blue Diamond, 1 Red Cherry, Taiwan. More.

Neritina paralella
Spotted Nerite,Southern Africa. More.

Neritina natalensis, Zebra Nerite, South Africa. More.


Anubias barteri var. nana, (A. nana), Dwarf Anubias, Cameroon. More.

Bacopa monnieri
'Compact', Water Hyssop, all tempered world. More.

Taxiphyllum barbieri 'Spiky', Java Moss, Southeast Asia. More.

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