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- a Swedish quarry on my desk

       Not really a land- or aquascape, but close
This time, I try to use rocks, more specific red limestone. I cut them thin slices, glue them together and hope for the best.... I am not planning to have any animals in it - except a pair of small scrimps, just to control the algae. Red more about the build under the photos .
C:   20-25
pH:   7,2-7,9
dKH:   12-18
S:   0,3-1,0
E/M2/s:   100-120
Litre:   1,575

From the top and side in the bottom of the page


2 Neocaridina davidi,
Chocolate scrimps


Eleocharis pusilla
, Aquarium grass

Bacopa monnieri, Water Hyssop

Micranthemum tweediei, 'Monte Carlo

Taxiphyllum barbieri, Java Moss


Bucephalandra spp. 'Red'

A large wineglass

Red limestone, discs and gravel

Magnet to hold lamp and background

The lit is 1 mm thick, oval glass

Contact glue

The light is a singe LED on a wire

Beech for the crooked tree - from a hedge

                                                  THE THOUGHTS
This time, I intend to make something with rocks. I chose the Swedish Red Limestone, as I like the colour for this aquarium - and it is easy to work in. I kind of want it to look like a quarry with a pond in front, and not that much vegetation.
I cut the red limestone to thin slices, and glue some pieces together, leaving some room for the plants. A iron nut on the back ensures the red limestone keep standing upright in the glass, due to the magnet on the other side.
The bottom is covered in gravel and a few larger pieces, from the same stone. One is holding the crippled tree - with glue!
Where the two other plants will be cut real short, the Aquarium Grass, creating a "reed forest" around a pond, and the Water Hyssop are aloud grow free -  till it reach the surface.
It is a fairly simple setup, but works fine with the structure and colours.
I add some small Chocolate shrimps, just to get some motion in the water, which is tap water. And I hope they can control the algae.
This is yet another cheep Femto aquarium: The second hand wine glass; 7, the lit 1, the red limestone from the cemetery's dump-site, the shared LED light, shelf and background is 5, 1 for the magnet, and the Chocolate shrimps cost 7. Most of the plants are from other aquariums, and I only spend 4 on new ones, as some goes into the Pico #3 as well. A total of 25.

Actually, this was original build as a Femto aquarium, but after one day, it had a fatal accident. As the limestone no longer reach the top, some Eleocharis sit on top.

PICO: 1  4    FEMTO: 1  9