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- the life in a glass, less than 1L

  Making a working 0,975 L aquarium in a wineglass
As I got it the 4,3 L bowl to work, I looked for the next challenge: Femto! I saw a video online with a guy using the plastic-box from a Go-Pro camera: Link, but I failed to get my hands in one. Plan B became a large red wine glass. Read about the build under the photos.
C:  20-25
pH:  7,2-7,4
PPM:  190-200
S:  0,4-0,6
E/M2/s:  90-120
Litre:  0,93


3 Neocaridina davidi, Pale Red


Utricularia graminifolia, Bladderwort

Taxiphyllum barbieri, Java Moss

Bacopa monnieri, Water Hyssop

Eleocharis pusilla
, Aquarium grass


A large wineglass; 0,975L

A transparent dish for sphagnum

The background is common linden; Tilia x europaea

The lit is 1 mm thick, oval glass

The sphagnum for the

The branches are corkscrew hassle; Corylus avellana 'Contorta'

                                               THE THOUGHTS
As this is my second aquarium this millennium, I already
had most I needed.
I found some real rough linden bark at the local cemetery for the back, along with some smaller corkscrew hassle branches. They have been laying there for quite some time, and the sap has gone. I pinched a handful of sphagnum, for the pot to the Bladderwort. I use some of the larger black granite stones to attach the plants to, and hold the sphagnum.
As it is a small container, I will only have two small red Taiwanese shrimps to control the algae.
The plants are from around the world, bought in pet-shops. Besides from the plants I already had, I added a Lesser Bladderwort and a Marimo ball, which I intend to grow flat. Well, it turned out to thrive a bit too well, and it have to go.
The lit is from a picture frame, made a bit oval, to let some air in. The button is mainly a small plastic bowl, which can be removed, cleaned and cut "on land"..
To free some room on the button, the background is attached to the back with a magnet, glued to the outside of the glass.
The bark have a pair of hassle branches screwed on. It actually only fill a third of the glass, but due to the magnifying effect, it appears to fill the entire back (see the two pictures to the right).
A small transparent plastic-bowl stands on the bottom, and filled with sphagnum, it makes up the pot for the Lesser Bladderwort. One branch have Java Moss on, the other had Marimo Algae.
The expenses was keep to a minimum, as most was recycle. I spend 5 on the shared light, background and shelf, 7 on the Rosendahl wine glass, 1 on the lit, 3 on the 2 shrimps and additional 7 on the 2 new shared plants = 23. And while I was at it, I made Femto #2 as well.

PICO: 1  4    FEMTO: 1  9